3 items

Elastomer ear pick

Elastomer screw ear pick

Traditional bamboo ear picks

6 items

Titanium ear pick

Smoked bamboo ear pick

Premium boxwood ear pick

Premium bamboo ear pick with plumage swab

Premium bamboo ear pick

Traditional smoked bamboo 2pcs set


1 item

Ear pick set


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Elastomer screw & brush ear pick

Elastomer screw ear pick

Bamboo ear pick 3pcs set

Bamboo ear pick with swab

Bamboo ear pick with black swab

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Black Swab Bamboo Earpick 2pcs Set

Two heads ear pick

Elastomer screw ear pick

Screw type ear pick (elastomer) / Lime

Screw type ear pick (elastomer) / Mint

Screw type ear pick (elastomer) / Apricot

Screw type ear pick (elastomer) / Berry

"Mimisukitto" Ear Pick Black

"Mimisukitto" Ear Pick Blue

"Mimisukitto" Ear Pick Pink

Elastomer ear pick with cap

Screw Head Rubber Ear-Pick

Two-way Ear Pick, brass, 24gold plated

Two-way Ear Pick, brass, nickel plated

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