Seki Edge

Seki Edge



2 items

Lash comb & brow brush

Blackhead remover

3 items

Elastomer ear pick

Elastomer screw ear pick

Traditional bamboo ear picks

1 item

Tongue scraper

1 item

Rotating nostril hair cutter

3 items

Utility Kitchen Scissors (Straight Blade/ Red Handle)

Utility Kitchen Scissors (Straight Blade/ Black Handle)

Utility Kitchen Scissors (Curved Blade/ Black Handle)

10 items

All stainless steel nail clipper

Stain slim clipper

Stainless steel straight edge nail clipper

Stainless steel toenail clipper

Stainless steel fingernail clipper

EZ view clipper

In-grown toenail clipper

Toenail clipper

Finger nail clipper

Infant nail clipper

8 items

Stainless Steel Nail Scissors

Rounded nail file

Dual-purpose curved natural nail file

Finishing round file

Nail file w/pusher

Long two-grit file

Toenail & acrylic nail scissors

Fingernail scissors

3 items

Nail Nipper with Shield

In-grown toenail nipper

Professional nail nipper

6 items

1/4 jaw cuticle nipper

Cuticle remover

Nail cleaner

Cuticle pusher

1/4 jaw cuticle flat slant tip nipper

Cuticle scissors

3 items

Callus remover

Two-grit callus reducer

Long toenail file

15 items

Smart tweeze

Stainless steel pointed tip tweezers

Stainless steel slant tip tweezers

Contour slant tip tweezers

Contour pointed tip tweezers

Non-slip grip tweezers

Firm grip body tweezers

EZ view tweezers

Small two-way eyebrow tweezers

Small eyebrow tweezers

Small pointed tip tweezers

Extra grip tweezers

Scissor tweezers

Pointed tip tweezers

Slant tip tweezers

9 items

Replacement pads for total control eyelash curler

Replacement pads for folding eyelash curler

Replacement pads for traditional eyelash curler

Replacement pads for spot eyelash curler

Total control lash curler

Folding lash pin comb

Folding lash curler

Metal frame lash curler

Spot lash curler

11 items

Grooming Scissors

Stainless steel nostril scissors

Stainless steel make-up scissors

Nostril scissors with cap

Make-up scissors with cap

Nostril scissors

Make-up scissors

Moustache scissors

Nostril scissors

Make-up scissors

Eyebrow scissors

5 items

Stainless steel blending scissors

Stainless steel haircutting scissors

Two-way styling razor

Blending scissors

Haircutting scissors

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