Why looking for perfection?
Why looking for perfection
We are here to provide you the best quality with hundred years long tradition.

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Dear Customers:
Please kindly aware our TAKUMINOWAZA products are stopped
exporting to CHINA for a temporary period of time due to counterfeit goods.
Those TAKUMINOWAZA selling on China online stores are
counterfeit of GREEN BELL products.
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Why looking for perfection?
Why looking for perfection
We are here to provide you the best quality with hundred years long tradition.

More about us

日本語 中文
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Best for you


Series of carefully selected stainless blades with excellent sharpness obtained as a result of countless polishing processes by our skilled craftsmen. The series is highly acclaimed thanks to its excellent functionality and design and has been Green Bell's long-selling product.



"Seki" known as a sword making city and excellent sharpness of word “EDGE” make the name of our products series. Through countless process of cutting, sharpening, and trimming we provide professional products of stainless steel that blend into your hand.



The PSG series sold in a variety of shops offers face, nails, and feet care products which will help any woman to emphasize her beauty. Size that easily fit even to the smallest woman’s hand, stylish design and the vivid pink colour will attract your beauty care.



+QQ is a series of daily hygiene products appreciated for its gentle comfort by customers of all ages. Despites its reasonable price we aim to deliver a professional product of good quality.



To enhance your beauty

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Watch out for the imitations of our products

Recently, there have been reports of imititations of our products being sold mainly in Asia. These products are similar to ours when it comes to packages and even company's logo and pretend to be made in Japan. Counterfeit goods do not meet the quality standards of Green Bell Co., Ltd. Usage of counterfeit products may lead to serious safety problems. Please be careful when purchasing.


What's new in Green Bell?

2017-12-20 09:47:38

Good Design Award

We are pleased to announce we have received Good Design Award after an absence of 4 years. This year we have received the award with two products:

SJ-K110 Curved Blade Kitchen Scissors

G-1029 Stainless Steel Ingrown Toenail Nipper


2017-10-17 10:16:27

We are now on Instagram!

GREEN BELL is now on instagram!

Follow us for the new products information and photos!! 



2017-09-21 15:22:41

Imitation Products

We are finding many imitation of our products on USA amazon. The design of the nail clippers look exactly the same. They are with different brand and they are not made in Japan. Please pay attention when purchasing. 

2017-03-14 17:20:15

We will be in Cosmoprof Bologna 2017

Green Bell will be participating in Cosmoprof Bologna 2017 starting from March 17th to 20th. 

Looking forward to seeing you there!! 

Click MORE to link to the Cosmoprof website. 


We know design.

“Good Design Award (G mark)” inherits “Good Design Selection System” which was established by Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry in 1957 and is only overall design evaluation and a propulsion system in Japan. Our company, GREEN BELL, have gotten the award constantly as the start with “Elastomer Screw Ear Pick” since 2008. Our efforts to work hard as well as unconventional ideas for customer’s perspectives are acclaimed in this award, too.

good design award
design product
design product



Key features of our company


The home city of renowned craftsman, Seki City in Gifu Prefecture. Even today, experienced craftsmanship is still being passed down.

In ancient times, swordsmiths moved to Seki City during the Muromachi Period and the history of Seki blades goes back to the beginning of making bamboo swords. With the motto, “No snapping, No bending, and Cut well”, the name has spread across the country and been supporting the Japanese industry of blades for over 700 years. The industry of blades in Seki City began with swordsmiths. The products made by years of tradition and modern technology has a variety of items such as kitchen knives, scissors, razors, nail clippers, knives, and so on. The power of the brand with an origin in blades, which exports to the world, still wins admiration widely now.

Made In Seki

World-class blades from Seki City

As “The three major origins of blades in the world”, Seki City in Japan is ranked with Solingen in Germany and Sheffield in England. For the quality supported by history and traditions, Seki City gains a high reputation both home and abroad. Seki City that has developed as a world brand has three important conditions for making blades. One is the origin of abundant water in the River Nagara, another is the coalmine for hardening, and the last is its reddish soils. The industry is modernized now, but the rich natural environment such as water, mountains, and soils is still supporting the industry of blades.


With the inheritance of long standing traditional techniques.

The blades of Seki City are known as “No snapping, No bending, and Cut well” and the representatives of swordsmiths during the Age of Civil Wars were the Kanemoto, Kanesada, and Kanefusa. They left many famous items in our time. Especially, the blades, which were appreciated by many military commanders such as Shingen Takeda and Hideyoshi Toyotomi, have a high reputation as the best goods which cut clearly the best. The skill which created such a breathtaking edge has been passed down from generation to generation in Seki City and as the city of blades which has the highest blade production in Japan, Seki City is still often acclaimed as best in the world. Also, historic “Seki City traditional Japanese forging” has still been taken over and keeping to the skill and tradition by swordsmiths in Seki.


Reach out the world

Our company’s product development is amazingly simple. Our employees, each craftsperson sees items from customer’s perspectives and share ideas. We are working every day with passions and pride for our company and manufacturing products. By providing a solid quality and appropriate price, we will support the world-class brand of Seki City for years to come so as to offer customers the best products.


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